Bolinao, as a coastal town, is mostly known for its white sand beach, yet there are a number of things to see, do or try in this humble coastal town located about two to three drive west of Dagupan City. I myself have been in and out of Bolinao for numerous time the previous year, and would like to share some of the interesting things that you may want to consider when visiting here, through a series of post that I shall aptly name... the Bolinao Series and to start you off, this is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, situated atop a hill, towers 351 feet above sea level. Built by the Americans in 1903, it is the second tallest Lighthouse in Luzon. The 101-foot tower provides a panoramic view of Patar beach, offshore reefs and rock formations, as well as rolling verdant hills. And sometime, a passing vessel dots the sea, an international route of vessels going to Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. The 140-step winding stairway of the tower leads to the illumination room, 76.2 m above sea level. According to Pedro Honrada, the lighthouse’s head keeper, the lantern is visible 44 kilometers away, guiding seafarers (led toward this area by a lighthouse in Zambales) toward the lighthouse in Poro Point, La Union. Something like that of med cruise companies should be thankful for. 

Panoramic View of the Sea
 The local government has declared the lighthouse as a cultural heritage and has been a symbol of the town in its tourism campaign. Already, the lighthouse compound has been spruced up. The uphill road leading to the tower has been paved for tourist and a view was also constructed and yet While the lighthouse has become a tourist attraction by itself, it has failed to do its “job” of guiding sea vessels at night since early November 2004, the beacon lights started to dim until it finally shut off on Nov. 8. Today, the old lighthouse, ruins of the admin building, and the panoramic view of the sea adds real drama and makes a perfect setting for a photography shoot, I myself have done a pre-nup shot there once, and also the commercial film 'The promise' was shot in that location. This is just one of the many places you can go in Bolinao, so stay tuned for more.

Parts of the Ruins of the Admin Building
Behind is the View Deck

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