One of the things I love about photography is the fact that one can capture emotion for a split-second and freeze it through a photograph. Besides documenting places I travel to, that’s what led me to do some wedding photography as well as I love seeing candid emotions of people and capture to those precious moments.

Recently I’ve been visiting the blog of Jacob Maentz at www.jacobimage.com. His documentaries on the native people of South East Asians is amazing but his portraits of some of the people in the villages he visited is what really inspired me to shoot more about people in their natural conditions, and in my recent trip to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan that’s just what I did, I photographed some of the locals working around the city in their natural environment just to see how I fair out in shooting portraits, hope you like it.

Vendor selling accessories made from shells and precious stones

Another vendor shows off her product made from shark bones

Boatmen | waiting for the tourist to hop on aboard

El Kapitan | another boatman waiting for a spot to dock his boat

Passenger Entertainment

Not bad, don’t you think? I’ll do a lot more of these portraits shot when I get back on the road, I hope to travel to other areas with more diverse cultures, maybe spend holidays in Tenerife, or like Jacob Maentz, travel to some remote villages and experience what it's like to be really part of a different culture instead of just documenting it.

Happy, Plain and Simple | A girl selling fish at Dampa

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