Continuing my Bolinao series, you can read the first part here, one of the main reasons I go to Bolinao is to relax and unwind on the white sand beach of Patar. This long stretch of white sand along the coast of cape Bolinao is slowly gaining popularity particularly because of the classy resorts situated along its shore and the numerous rock formations scattered the area which has become a favourite by photography enthusiast.
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Bolinao, as a coastal town, is mostly known for its white sand beach, yet there are a number of things to see, do or try in this humble coastal town located about two to three drive west of Dagupan City. I myself have been in and out of Bolinao for numerous time the previous year, and would like to share some of the interesting things that you may want to consider when visiting here, through a series of post that I shall aptly name... the Bolinao Series and to start you off, this is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
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