Continuing my Bolinao series, you can read the first part here, one of the main reasons I go to Bolinao is to relax and unwind on the white sand beach of Patar. This long stretch of white sand along the coast of cape Bolinao is slowly gaining popularity particularly because of the classy resorts situated along its shore and the numerous rock formations scattered the area which has become a favourite by photography enthusiast.

As for me, whenever I go there, I always stay at the public beach area located at the very end of Brgy. Patar, hence I have to prepare for it like I’m going camping. It has cottages situated at the beach front that accommodates around eight to ten people and can be rented overnight for small fee. The owners will let you borrow some foam, sheets, and pillows, even some plates and mugs but you have to cook your own food that’s why it’s best to bring canned foods and some noodles when planning for an overnight stay. It’s a perfect place to just relax and forget everything else. My IT during my stay there is waking up at 6am to the sound of waves, boil some water for coffee and noodles, lying in the sand and swimming until 11 am, prepare lunch, eat lunch, then take a nap, then swim, then watch the local children play around while waiting for the sun to set with a bottle of beer in hand. After dinner, I just lie in the sand to stargaze until I become sleepy, and then repeat next morning. Now that’s life. It’s like experiencing only the best part of being a survivor challenger, as you’ll have access to food, electricity, and toilet.

I recommend that you go there anytime except during the Holy Week where the beach is jam-packed and during typhoons for the obvious reason, any other rainy days is fine as you’ll have the whole beach to yourself, you can run around and scream til your heart’s content, best enjoyed when in the company of friends as you’ll really have a blast just check out the video below.

During summer, the place is the perfect romantic setting, and is best enjoyed in the company of a special someone. Spending holidays inTurkey is great, but if you’ve seen the view of the sunset in Patar you’ll surely fall in love with it more.

Here are my must-brings:
1.       Rice, Canned foods, Noodles, and lots of Chips
2.       Ice Box full of drinks (Mostly Tanduay Ice)
3.       Electric socket extension
4.       Electric kettle
5.       Kaldero
6.       Drinking water
7.       Net Book (It gets lonely sometimes if you can’t sleep at night)

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