It's been three years since I got to taste an Indian mango fruit picked from the lonesome tree in our backyard. Because of the typhoons and some man made occurrences, the flower never bloomed for three years. I thought that would be it, I'll never get back the days when I crave to eat mangoes and all I have to do is go outside and jump and grab some. So I'm a bit surprised and ecstatic after seeing these :)

:D more photos after the jump
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Photo by Master Olga Villanueva :D
I finally climbed my first mountain last weekend thanks to my friend Olga. Weeee! :D well, not exactly 'climbed' and this wasn't really my idea of  how I would conquer my very first mountain since we rode a jitney all the way to the top. But, I'm not one to past this rare chance to ascend and take pictures from the summit of Mount Kabuyao in Benguet. And though there wasn't much hiking involved, I still got the chance to walk around trying to find picturesque scenes over, above and below the mountain top and bring home some souvenirs. See my souvenirs after the jump :D
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The year 2010 just ended after I took a snap of that photo above. I closed my eyes and thank God for the wonderful healthy year that was again added under my belt. I have to say 2010 is one of the most fruitful year I've had for the last 23 years of my existence. It started with me having a good-paying job (well that's because I'm in the province :)) No starbucks to drained you here, 7 pesos lang ang 3-in-1 ngarud! :D ) that allowed me to offset my liabilities versus my assets... finally.... Two, the experience I gained with my current job, processing general documents, attending court hearing, countless hours of interacting with government employees and whilst most of the time irritating, I consider it priceless. Those were real-life lessons that I have not learnt in college but will surely serve me well in the future.And though my job is starting to get really frustrating at times, I have things still to be thankful for such as the friendship I share with my colleagues/ supervisor. Which I think is what still keeps me going. 'Dahil sa kanila, nasa work pa rin ako, at sumisweldo pa rin' =)) better be frustrated lang than be broke and frustrated :))
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