I received my copy of the Lost Diary of Rizal almost over four months ago from the author herself, yet only had the chance to start reading it during an 8-hour butt-numbing trip to Laoag City earlier this month. I finished almost half of the book during that trip and by then I was already captivated by the interesting concept and was deeply engaged with the story line.  Yes, the author is a dear friend of mine and yes, that is my artwork printed in the cover, but these doesn’t change the fact that I’m not really fond of books, especially thick novels such as this, my boredom would easily take-over just after a few pages. But somehow, this time it was different, I found myself wanting to finish the story, I was tempted to just read the end part but did not want to miss any details of how it happened. The details were beautifully written that your imagination would go on auto-cruise and somehow find yourself transported to the story’s setting. That’s what I felt.
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