The road to Pinatubo
The Road to Pinatubo
They say that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. And true to that, the mighty Mount Pinatubo in Zambales is a living testament to that adage. Once the site of one of the most devastative natural catastrophe to ever happen in the Philippine history, the 1991 eruption of this mighty volcano has literally buried the town of Capas, Tarlac and nearby environs with tons and tons of volcanic ashes or more known as ‘Lahar’. As I recall my mom’s story, we were still living in Manila during the eruption of Pinatubo, I was still a toddler then and she told me she still felt the ground shook all the way to our house. The ash cloud was still visible in Manila all the way from Tarlac and Zambales. And our car back then was also covered with ashes. That’s how she described how powerful the blast of the mighty Pinatubo was. Now, fast forward to 2012, who would have thought that the same site that took hundreds of people lives and left many more without shelter is now a tourist spot and has seen a steady increase in its visitor every year. Well with its history alone, people would flock this place just to see the actual site, but find out more why this once feared Mountain has been drawing lots and lots of interest from travellers.
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The Lady of Atocha Parish in Isabela

I was fortunate enough to still be assigned for field work in Isabela province even in my last month of my corporate job. Me, not wanting to miss an opportunity to see something new and explore a place while in there even for work, took the time to walk around the quiet town of Alicia, Isabela while waiting for documents to be released in the LGU office and guess what I’ve stumble upon, one of the centuries-old Spanish churches located in the Isabela-Cagayan area, The Lady of Atocha Parish of Alicia.
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I know its a bit late for a year end post so I'll just try to recap my wish list for 2011 if indeed I accomplished the things that I wanted to accomplish last year. It all started way back late 2010 with a trip with fellow bloggers in November. That trip changed my life after meeting people my age doing the things I thought only rich people can afford. It opened my eyes on budget travelling and got bitten by the travel bug. So by the start of 2011, I made a promise to myself that I'll travel more, see the world, challenge myself more, and live my life. and then I got this idea of writing down a wish list from one of the blogs I follow, much like a bucket list, but with a touch of magic, :) so just read on and see how far the magic went.
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Finding a good spot to see the floats at the Panagbenga Festival during the day is one thing and yet finding a good accommodation during the night in Baguio City with the hundreds to thousands of people who went up to witness the highlight of the flower festival is another. So imagine my luck when I found out that I was invited to write about the Azalea Residences Baguio situated at the heart of the City during this classic flower festival.
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