Summer heat has now fully shifted to high gear, a good thing though that I've been spending my May weekends cooling off. First week, I was at Surip, Bani for our office unit's summer outing; second week, I was at another unit's summer outing (sabit lang)  at Leisure Coast Resort; then after that its two straight weekends at Patar Beach, in Bolinao with different set of friends, just chilling with a bottle of Tanduay Ice in hand, what more can I ask for, right? :)

For the moment, let me just share some of the most unusual jumpshot photos I took of my friends during sunset at Patar :)

I know... hindi siya jumshot, the jumpshots after the jump :D

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Yeh boy!... I finally experienced how to be a true wedding photographer, and let me tell you that was one great experience I can really learn from. It wasn't like the typical weddings that I've been to where preparations are done in hotels, the ceremony held at large chapels with adequate lighting, and the reception at restaurants where there is enough room for photographers to roam around and find angles, nope, I had none of that here, this one is what you may call a good old-fashioned 'Kasalang Barangay' where everyone within a 10-mile radius of the bride and groom's home is invited, so just imagine how cramped it was but I still need to use my 50mm because of insufficient lighting.

This wasn't exactly the setting that I was hoping for for my first coverage, especially that I'm just starting to learn the basics, but hey, its family, I was asked a favor and at the same time I just can't stand it if they pay for a low-cost photog who can't really shoot... yep, I've seen a lot of those people , so why not me, its not gonna be as good as Nelwin Uy's (sobrang layo), but hey atleast its free... :)

The cover for an 8x8 coffee table book type album

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