Since last year I’ve wanted to step foot in the sands of Palawan, but due to time and budget constraints that wish stayed in my bucket list unscratched and and carried over to this year’s list. Fortunately my cousin called me early January and asked if I wanted to go, I guess wishes do come true, I didn’t think twice and said yes ofcourse.

 My first trip to Palawan, Puerto Princesa specifically, is not exactly what I thought it would be. It was a family reunion of some sort since some of my relatives from Canada are ‘balikbayan’s and the sole purpose of this trip is to tour them around and let them see what they’re missing in their homeland. The trip was organized by a travel agency, a van is rented to serve as transport around the city, and accommodations were booked early, a far-cry from like the cheap holidays to lanzarote trips that I usually do.


Puerto Princesa is everything that I heard about it to be, the city is clean, the people are proud, and the landscape blended beautifully with the seascape. I guess this is what you get, when you tour around with travel agencies, they project everything is as beautiful as it can be, you can never really get a feel of the place unless you travel solo. And that’s probably me reasoning to myself to come back :D

Palawan's Pride | Now entering the Puerto Princesa Underground River

We did the usual tour around the city, the Honda Bay, and ofcourse, the Underground River which in my opinion is great but failed to compare with my experience going through the cave connection in Sagada. One activity that I really enjoyed though was snorkelling, even in the shallow parts, fishes would swarm around you giving you the feeling of like your scuba diving in the deep seas (which is in my bucket list too) too bad I didn’t have an underwater camera to capture the moment (another thing in my list), but I do have other shots of landscape of Puerto Princesa, hope you like it.





Notable places to stay and dine

GO Hotel
Located at Puerto Princesa North Road, Barangay San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
(Besides Robinsons Palawan)
- Our host for four days and three nights with our room averaging 400/night good for 2 people

Kinabuch Restaurant Bar & Grill
Located at 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
about 1km west of the airport (towards the city center).

Dampa Restaurant
Located at Mitra Road (near Baker’s Hill)

Flowers beside the Dampa Restaturant along Mitra Road


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