First of all, I have no idea know what was going through my mind when I thought of that title, but hey, it’s there, so live with it :D Anyway, just recently, I finally bought an external flash to be partnered with my Nikon D40. You see, I’ve been learning my stuff at DIY Photography and I came across an article that says : to be able to master photography, I must learn how to master lighting and besides the camera, a good external flash should be more of a priority to invest in rather than lenses for those who truly wants to learn the basics of photography. So after reading that, I scoured the web for quality, less expensive (okay, cheapest :D ) external flash and found this Yongnou Speedlite YN460-II. I read some reviews about it, and learned that its use is comparable to the Nikon SB-600, but of course with less features and you don’t get to have the ‘NIKON’ logo in front of it to boast around. But, for a quarter of the price of an SB-600, I’d rather print ‘NIKON’ on a sticker paper and stick it on a Youngnou :D . Some advanced photographers may say otherwise about its comparison to the SB-600, but hey, I’m a noob, I’ll believe anything :D

Long story short, I went to a dealer in Baguio, the next thing I know *Ching! *Swiped! Here I am playing with my Speedlite and getting ready not to eat for two months :) . Well so far, even though I’m still not feeling the effects of this purchase in my pocket (thank God for credit card cut-offs) I’ve been very happy with the YN460-II, no disappointments yet though I haven’t tested it as a slave flash since I don’t have a trigger or a Nikon D90, which is according to the reviews is one of the strong points of the YN460-II. I did a series of shots in my “studio” and photos came out great (for me atleast :) ) check it out.

Trial shots of my phone /dignose

Found my 1:87 model cars
I have tried a series of shots like this before using just my built-in flash with a home-made diffuser but never achieved the sharpness that I wanted. But now that I have an external flash, I can now bounce the light from any direction that I wanted greatly improving my photos from worse to bad :D

The next two photos were still taken with my Nikon D40's 18-55mm 3.5  kit lens, but I finally achieved a somewhat macro effect (that's what it looks like to me) No photoshop blurring here, well maybe just a bit of contrast adjustment and some vignetting :)

Bokeng Bokeh!! /wahaha

I'm so proud of these shots, /please its another step forward for me towards learning photography. For the last photo below, I'll let you take a glimpse inside my state-of-the-art 'Studio' /sweat

Charan!! State-of-the-art! /wahaha See the umbrella, I bounced the light there therefore illuminating the whole 'set' *PALAKPAKAN! =D>