In relation to my previous post about the Yongnou Speedlite 460-II, I got the chance to borrow my friend, Princess Dee's D90, she does make-up for all kinds of event by the way, a certified make-up artist for a fraction of the cost, you can PM me here or go to her facebook page MakeUpbyPrincessDee for more details :D  Anyway, back to her camera, the Nikon D90 has a built-in remote that could be use to trigger an external flash thus giving me the perfect opportunity to try out the YN460-II as a slave flash. So far, I'm satisfied with this trial shot given that I was in a rush (had to go to a post-Christmas party hosted by Princess as well, she's also a chef btw =D> ) and never really had time to atleast arrange the set (my room/dump site :)) ). Please excuse the model too, I had no one else with me that time except for my tripod so live with it! /wahaha
See the photo after the jump and be amazed... or nauseated... your call :D

Poster boy: The new face of Dagupan's booming industry