Yup, you read it right. What else can you do on a weekend being all alone in the house with lots of free time? you play with yourself, right?...  While you sit around, you get bored watching TV and playing the same movies over and over. Then, suddenly some thoughts enter your mind. Stimulating thoughts that make you helpless to resist. Suddenly you feel the urge to do something. Then without knowing you just reach out and grab your… 

Camera and tripod, and using that stimulating thought, you just let your imagination run wild (just like you did after reading the first paragraph of this post :D )

Staying at our house for a whole day usually drains out my creative juice (if I have any :D ) but there are times that I unexpectedly get hit in the head by a light bulb while loafing around my bed that I just feel the urge to get up, move some furniture, set-up my tripod and camera, conceptualize lighting and then Poof! I get some the of the silliest shots of myself that I can be ashamed off… and now I’m sharing it here, enjoy :D

This is literally playing with myself /wahaha

Thought of this one after watching Ip-Man 1 and Ip-Man 2 (Great movie :D ) Highly recommended!

There are times that I also try to invent things or modify things when I get bored (which usually ends up a failure :)) ) but I'm so proud that I made a built-in flash' diffuser out of garbage in my room that I'm also sharing it here.

Ain't I ridiculously cute? /dignose