Ringing in the New Year! :)
Wooott...I just got home from a drinking session with a couple of my best buds and I really feel like blogging at 1:12 AM in the morning. It seems that I really am suffering from a disorder where I feel the effects of things in reverse (well that's according to my girl who's in the field of medicine) its just like how alcohol keeps me awake and energize while coffee tends to make me sleepy. :)  Anyway, I was scheduled to meet my two friends at a Bar and Resto for a couple of drinks, but I was a bit too early. So while I was waiting for them, I did a little tinkering with my camera and did some light painting to kill time. I've been meaning to this stuff after reading this post from Adaphobic.com late 2008, but never really had the chance or the willingness to do so... well not until tonight. :)) check out my other shots after the jump :)

it started with this

of course after a heart, you always do an 'I love you' :D

expressing how I feel

still expressing how I feel :))

expressing who I am: Proud Pinoy! na may konting lahi ng intsik :D

Tried to draw a Shin Chan look-alike :)

something straight from a horror film (kahit walang effects, mukha palang horror na :)) )

a tribute to Ada :) with the pointy hair and stuff

I've been shooting for the last 45 minutes and they're still not here :D

After our session: My Friends, Fred and Marichu. With them, its always a laugh trip :))

My girl's shots :)

like a running man :)