Baguio City, Philippines – The tagline ‘A Slice of Home’ is not an exaggeration of how I really feel about this humble Café and Restaurant located along the corners of Yandoc St. and Naguilan Road, Baguio City.  

You see, my work as a Credit Investigator requires me to travel to Baguio every now and then (say an average of two times a week :( ) to process various documents with different government agencies, and you know what they say about government employees, they’re a real pain in the a** ( )( )! Well most of them anyway, but that’s another story :D  I usually arrive at Baguio around 8:30 to 9 am (I have to leave home by 6, kamusta namang overtime yun) and start my day of work, walking, driving, arguing, chasing cut-offs, a morning full of stressful transactions, it’s a good thing there is something I can look forward to and that’s having my lunch at Kuya Orly’s Café and Restaurant.

Ayaw umalis ni kuya e, e di sige ikaw na, ikaw na ang model
Kuya Orly’s Café and Restaurant is owned and managed by Mrs. Felisa “Joy” Galang and her husband Mr. Joe Vincent Galang. Situated just beside the Regional Trial Court of Baguio City and the Baguio City Hall, its common customers are lawyers and government employees, but who cares, its lunch time, everyone are friends during lunch time :D The first Kuya Orly’s was located in Legarda Road, but later transferred to its current location in 2006.

The inside of Kuya Orly's (sucky photo, I know :P )
The place is open from 7am to serve breakfast until 11:30 pm to serve drinks. It houses a fully loaded bar, and they also served budget meals from 11:30 am until 2 pm, which is what I usually go for:)) )  They also serve brewed Barako coffee which is a favorite among the crowd.

A typical scene: People drinking coffee and just chilling out
What really I love about Kuya Orly’s is its very relaxing ambience, great and affordable food (especially in Baguio :D) and the very  friendly staff. In there you can just rest and relax, drink coffee and talk to people, kinda reminds me of Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe from the Archie Comics, just a place to chill out after a hard day’s work :D You may all be thinking right now that this is a sponsored post, well no, it’s not :D I just fell in love with this café the first time I went there, the people’s kindness and hospitality is so sincere and natural, especially Ate Anne Rosal, their head crew, whose a fellow Pangasinense herself :) They always make it a point to interact with each customer, know more about them, and  quiclky attend to their needs; just by entering the room you’ll be greeted with a loud and sincere ‘Good Morning Sir!’ (kahit makiki CR ka lang :))  and this is what I think there biggest draw is.

Ms. Anne and Daisy at the Bar
The café’s unique customer service and great food has not gone unnoticed, they’re winners of numerous awards, most notably the 2008 Productivity Olympics: Best in Business Excellence; and Best in People Development. So next time you find yourself in Baguio City, don’t miss the chance to experience great food and genuine hospitality that is found here in Kuya Orly’s Café and Restaurant. For information you can call (074)304-2868.

Some of the plaques presented to Kuya Orly's

While other bloggers often shoot first before eating, well this is not a food blog so I tend to eat first before shooting :D

The lovely staff of Kuya Orly's, From left: Daisy, Jane, and Ate Anne