Pangasinan – one great thing about living in the edge of the Philippine archipelago is that you’ll never run out of white sand beaches. I’m sure you’ve heard about the beaches of Bolinao, the islands of Alaminos, even the crowded waters of Lingayen, San Fabian, and Bonuan; but have you ever heard about the beach in Cabalitian Island just off the coast of Labrador, Pangasinan?

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Cabalitian Island
Cabalitian Island is actually a barangay in the town of Sual, but the jump off point would be in the Tobuan beach in Labrador near the well-known Covelandia Resort. Going there does not need like a car hire in France but is just a 36-peso and about an hour bus ride from Dagupan City. Riding an Alaminos-bound Victory Liner, we got off at Tobuan beach, which is just beside the road. From there, you’ll need to ride a small fisherman’s vessel locally known as “baluto” (not sure about the spelling :p ) it can hold a maximum of 7 persons and will cost around P 350.00 (back and forth). Small cottages and a bathhouse can be rented within the island and its surprisingly costly.

My ticket


Cabalitian is not your typical tourist spot; it’s just a great hideaway for those who just wanna chill and relax.  Highly recommended to bring your own food :D , and there’s nothing much to see here but the beautiful rock formations and a cave, which is a good 20-minute walk from the drop-off point. We didn’t get the chance to swim inside the cave since the waves were too strong, though we did swim beside it in a basin-like formed by rocks. Also, it might be best to head back before 4PM since strong waves start to form by then, and with just a small “baluto”, that would be a very thrilling ride back.

Simpleng buhay lang: isang gulay, isang karne, kanin, solve! :D

Friends (From left: Cleofe, Michelle,Shane, Joanna, Jet, Bhel)

The path to the cave and rock formations

Crushing Waves Crashing

Rock formations (this is where we swam)

Langoy langoy lang :D