Patar Beach
The Milky Way

Countless times have I tried to take a picture of the stars and finally I have my own set to be proud of, and I'm not surprised that I was able to take the photos in one of my favorite places, Patar beach in Bolinao. After almost a year. I was finally able to make it back to this place, and was lucky enough to have clear skies during the trip.

Lanterns on the way up
Those aren't shooting stars but flying lanterns. A group lit a few of these lanterns to the sea

After failing so many times before, I thought taking a shot of the night skies would need some expensive lens, and high end cameras, or other special equipment but thanks to Christian, I learned that even a point-and-shoot camera can actually capture a photo of the milky way, and all you need is to be in the right place at the right time (clear skies and no light pollution), the right camera settings (Long exposure, wide open aperture, and ridiculously high ISO), a steady tripod (like I said, long exposure) and a lot of patience (again, long exposure). After several attempts, I finally have my first starry starry set of photos. :)

Starry Night
Orion's belt on the lower right

Fiery Night Sky

Milky Way


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