Yesterday, there was "supposed" to be a super moon phenomenon where natural disaster "should" have occurred. Well In fact there was a super moon last night, the time when the moon is closest to Earth by something point something meters and while people still being paranoid over the recent destructions in Japan, they kept on convincing themselves that this natural occurrence is a premonition to another devastating natural calamity. Come on now, it was just a full moon, it happens every month, sure the tides are going to be high but that's about all the moon affects things on Earth.

A lot of people were told to stay indoors before dark, but I was at my friend's house drinking tequila til 11PM (guess I was indoors :D ). During the drive home, I didn't actually notice the difference in size of the moon but it sure was bright that you cannot really look directly into it, or it was just me? :) I also noticed that there was a multi-colored halo surrounding it, so after I got home at around 12MN, I grab my tripod, set it up on the balcony, and charan! see photo below :D I thought, this wasn't a premonition for a natural disaster, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see something beautiful :)

*Update from Ada of while I was writing this post, it seems that the moon was at its biggest after midnight, awww syang, kaya lang sumipa na si tequila, baka mahulog pa ako sa balcony :))

btw: the photo above was made up of several exposures. pahabol lang :)