Today I received my very first post card from abroad and I'm just so thrilled about it that I need to share it here /XD

/blush It was sent to me by my good friend Micamyx when she was in the UK and though she's back here in the country prior to the delivery of the card, just seeing London in front of the post card and reading the first line 'Greetings from UK! =)' , parang gusto ko na bang tumambling :)) ganun pala feeling, sorry, its my first time to receive one, kumbaga, virgin pa ko sa ganyan  :P anyway, her message reads:

Hi Josh! 

Greetings from UK! :)
Thank you so much for being a good friend to me. I hope that this simple token of appreciation will make you smile.
I know your workload is quite toxic, boss. See you soon! :)
                                                                                                          Micamyx :)

Oh you bet that made me smile like this :D suddenly, I just forgot about  the large pile of documents sitting on top of my desk as I continued to be amazed with that simple card board picture with a touching message that came from London :)) You know what, I was so inspired and that I wanted to return a favor, and that lead to an idea of making home-made post cards using my stock photos and send one to anyone who wants it. yeah you read it.. to anyone who wants it! :D

 /dignose Here are the first four photos from my archive :) . To anyone who's interested, I'll try to mail atleast four post cards first as a trial run, then take it from there. Kindly email me your complete mailing address so I could send you one as soon as possible :)

Thanks /hmm