The SEDCO Complex
For the duration of my stay in Kota Kinabalu, I observed that almost all people there were either slim or lean, and the few others that I thought were overweight were tourists but very rarely nor I have seen a local. Then it struck me, I was in a Muslim country where meat is prohibited, and where 'fat mama jokes' don't really sell. For the meat-lovers though, Kota Kinabalu still offers meat along the Chinese restaurants in Jalan Gaya but for the rest of the people there, it’s all about the seafoods.

With the sea located just at the very edge west-side of the city, Kota Kinabalu is a seafood paradise and as it is blessed with abundant of marine life. The city serves the most unusual of sea creatures through its numerous seafood restaurants scattered around the city. From high end restos to budget eateries, this is where you can find some of the best seafoods in the world.  As a budget traveller, I always try to look for the cheapest place to eat yet still provides almost the same experience as eating out in a pricier resto, so during my first night in Kota Kinabalu along with a fellow traveller, Marky of Nomadic Experiences, we walked around the city and discovered this place almost right in the middle of KK City.
The crowd at Seri Selera Kampung Air
SEDCO complex, which housed the Seri Selera Kampung Air, is an open air food court and surrounded by several seafood restaurants with live marine life dsiplays. The food here isn’t taken from the freezer when you order, its taken straight from the aquarium tank to the fryer (or steamer). Now that’s serving it fresh!
Can't serve it fresher than this!
You may be wondering though why I’ve included the term “exotic” in my title, cause well for me, some of the creatures that were being offered were really quite exotic, some are even considered poisonous in other countries, well just check out the photos to see what I mean.
King Lobster. Just look at the size of that thing
Take your pick
The Mantis Shrimp. I really don't get why they need to put them in a bottle, is it like a house or something?
Zibra Shell. Here's something new for me. Guess they meant Zebra.
Stone Fish: This is what I was talking about. Think this one is poisonous if not prepared right.
Stone Fish from KK. Time for your close up Mr. Rocky
King Tiger Prawn. Ayus sa pangalan, sa atin Sugpo lang yan e.
More Mantis Shrimp inside their Condo units. Studio-type lang para tipid sa rental.
Eel. At first I thought these were snakes.
Telapia. Well look at that, their version of Tilapia is a Mestiza, hence the name Telapia, mas sosyal

I never really had a chance to taste any of these creatures as I was in a tight budget, no, I mean really really tight budget. Like all holiday late deals, we saw this place after splurging any extra money we had on a couple of Tiger beers along the Water Front. But I vow to myself though that from thereon, every time I’ll go on my trips, I’ll be sure to bring more dough than I may need so not to miss another chance like this. =)
The crowd
Ninja Skills. Guess what I'm shooting at