I know its a bit late for a year end post so I'll just try to recap my wish list for 2011 if indeed I accomplished the things that I wanted to accomplish last year. It all started way back late 2010 with a trip with fellow bloggers in November. That trip changed my life after meeting people my age doing the things I thought only rich people can afford. It opened my eyes on budget travelling and got bitten by the travel bug. So by the start of 2011, I made a promise to myself that I'll travel more, see the world, challenge myself more, and live my life. and then I got this idea of writing down a wish list from one of the blogs I follow, much like a bucket list, but with a touch of magic, :) so just read on and see how far the magic went.

1. Nikon D90 (a body will do, but a kit would certainly be nice :D )   woooot! 1/11/11
2. 50mm 1.8f lens for portraits (for wedding shoots)  Got it before 2011!  :))
3. 18-200mm lens (walk-around lens in case, I didn't get the D90's 18-105 kit lens) Got the kit :D
4. An Ultra wide lens (this would would be the least of my priorities, but still wishingfor it :D )
5. Visit Batanes
6. Visit Palawan (soon to be a reality in April, hopefully)  I guess not
7. Visit Cebu   
8. Visit Davao
9. Visit Bohol  Oh Yeah!
10. Get out of the country for the first time (Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau is on top my list) Hello KK! :)
11. Climb my first mountain, Mt. Pulag  Conquered Mt. Kabuyao instead! :D 1/23/11
12. To visit every town in my home province, Pangasinan, and blog about it
13. Set-up a home studio
14. Earn my first adsense paycheck ( yah right /nobigdeal ) Thank you adbeans! :)
15. and cover a whole wedding on my own, complete with pre-nup shoot /please  Well, what do you know, I did it! :D
**********additional wishes*********
16. 67mm Circular polarizer Filter please :)
17. A Tent big enough for atleast 4 people
18. Mountain Bike

11 out of 18 ain't bad and some of these I'll carry over to my wish list for 2012. How about you? Do you have a wish list? post the link in the comments so I can take a look at it and I might add some of your wishes to my list and maybe join you on your trip. Check out my Wish List for 2012. Cheers to a new year! :)

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