Finding a good spot to see the floats at the Panagbenga Festival during the day is one thing and yet finding a good accommodation during the night in Baguio City with the hundreds to thousands of people who went up to witness the highlight of the flower festival is another. So imagine my luck when I found out that I was invited to write about the Azalea Residences Baguio situated at the heart of the City during this classic flower festival.


Let me get straight to the point and enumerate what I personally loved about my stay at the Azalea Baguio.  First, was the overall design of the rooms. It was perfect for my taste. We stayed in a 3-room suite and I liked how it was so square and balanced. The arrangement of the furniture and the position of the doors and kitchen made it so spacious, even for the Deluxe Room, which is like a studio-type apartment yet still feels quite roomy.



Second, I loved the high table and high chair position at the center of our room. I can just imagine myself working there all-day even on vacation.

Third, is that every room has a 32’ LCD TV plus another one in the living area. No more need to sit and tolerate your Mom’s soap while you’re missing the NBA’s All-Star game.

Fourth was, and I know everyone of us who got invited will agree on this, is that the bath towel just smelled heavenly even after several use. I can’t really explain the scent but the moment you wipe your face right after a refreshing shower is just heavenly. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

Besides those that I cited above, the Azalea Residences also offers the amenities that are expected of a first-rate accommodation, great food, warm ambience, and friendly staff. There prices ranges from 3k plus for the Deluxe Suite to 9k plus for the 3-Bedroom suite during weekdays and off-peak seasons, very reasonable for accommodation of this caliber. I even had plans of bringing my whole family back after I saw how affordable the price was so that they may also experience Baguio in the comforts of the Azalea Residences.

The Azalea Residences is truly one that you might consider when looking for a night stay in the City of Pines, the prices aren’t cheap, but every peso spent is a value for money with the kind of service that Azalea delivers and there’s no need to book cheap flights to malaga when getting there. All you need is to take a Baguio-bound Victory Liner bus and from the terminal it’s just a 5-minute cab ride away. For more details and photos, read on below so you may also experience the Azalea treatment.

Your Holiday Haven
Located at Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, Baguio City
Hotline: 074-442-8888

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Another Satisfied Customer at the Azalea Residence