Bolinao Sunset

Can you guess mine?
From the very first time I set foot in the white sand beach of Patar in Bolinao late last year, I fell in love with the place and has since been over and back too many times this year where it came to the point that whenever I post an status update about going there, people would always comment ‘again?!’

Yes, I will be there… again… seeing the photo above you can clearly understand why. It has one of the most beautiful view of the sunset that I’ve ever seen and time there just seems to really slow down. Just imagine, looking at the spectacular sunset, sitting in the soft sand with a bottle of beer in hand, then you lie down, look up in the dimming sky and just appreciate life. Now that’s just a perfect way to relax and escape reality for a while.

It’s not exactly like an all inclusive holidays but a more of a semi-camping trip. I still need to bring and cook my own food, bring my ice box if I want my beer ice cold, and even a water heater incase I wanted coffee or noodles. Good thing though that the cottage by the beach that I stay in has basic amenities like electricity, a faucet, and toilet but that’s about it.

Going there is not a walk in the park either, a good three hour drive from my place through some steep and rough terrain but I just find myself keep on coming back with different set of people. Looking back, I may have been there at least 10 times this year with officemates, college friends, blogging buddies, and I am hoping that I could bring a lot more people here so they too may very well understand my Patar addiction J