I've been browsing through some of my photos in my old blog and found these babies. I did a short photo walk back then around the Capitol grounds in Lingayen to showcase the great initiative of the current governor, Hon. Amadeo Espino, to revived this historical site, especially the Capitol building which is now a tourist attraction of its own.

The Veterans Park just behind the Capitol building was also revitalize, which aims to commemorates all the heroes who fought during WWII and educate the younger generation about the hell they went through just so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today. The park showcases old tanks, aircrafts, and AA guns from WWII and a gazebo that displays pictures and memorabilia of the war.

Lingayen beach, the shores of the historical Lingayen Gulf, is now more people-friendly. Security guards roam around 24-hours a day, the sheds are now free for public use, there’s an open shower room, and as I’ve heard lately, they're doing something to promote the beach as a surfing spot. And with all the vendors lined up, you’ll never have to worry about food or drinks. 

Truly the transformation was remarkable. Lingayen can now proudly step back in to its rightful place as the Capital of the Province of Pangasinan without being overshadowed by the attractions of Dagupan City.
 Government buildings around the Capitol Grounds