It's been ages since my last post and if Mica was here, she'll be telling me "oi! Mag update ka!" :)) Well I have a very reasonable excuse naman for my backlogs and that is because I'm finally doing what I set out to do. I'm living my life to the fullest and have been squeezing every bit of activity that my weekends and vacation leaves can accommodate and I guess blogging just didn't make the list. Cause seriously, I'd rather stuffed my camera rather than my laptop inside my backpack during my trips. Can't have them both though, that would be a backbreaker :) excuses excuses... :))

Anyhoo, one my recent trips was at Pampanga during the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I was with three other bloggers and a Pokemon. Darwin, the comically-dramatic one; the great and almighty Marky; Cai the diva and apple of Darwin's eye; and ofcourse there was Snorlax :D  and as much as I want to elaborate further, this post is all about Cai and not about that trip. Cai recently started a  weekly project entitled "project 52 looks" on her blog, and with that, I finally have her approval to post my photos of her during our Bolinao trip. So Darwin, enjoy :))