Early Morning Nature Trip: Touring Brgy. Busao

It was the last day of my four-day stay with the Namoc Family at Brgy. Busao, Bohol and I was still tinkering with the possibility of extending my sojourn by filing an additional leave and re-booking a flight from Tagbilaran City straight to Manila. But alas my prolonged absence from the office would equate to piles and piles of work that needed to be done upon my return, so I decided that it was best to just stick with the original plan

My Hosts: Namoc Cousins at the Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao

My flight was scheduled at 12 noon at Mactan Airport and I needed to catch an early boat ride from Tagbilaran City to Cebu. Tito Buboy suggested that we leave Busao at 4:30 am to catch the 6am boat but by 1:30 am I was already up, showered, packed and was ready to go. I’m deeply grateful to the members of the Namoc Family, particularly Tito Buboy, who woke up very early that day after the Fiesta to prepare breakfast and was kind enough to drive me to the docks.

Upon arrival at the port of Cebu, people tend to stand up just to get ahead of others
when getting out of the vessel while doors has not yet even been open (same as true in airplanes)

It was an hour drive at the very least from Busao to the seaport. as I boarded a Express Cruiser at around 7 am to start my long travel day ahead. It took two hours from Tagbilaran port to Cebu and upon arrival, a cab took me straight to Mactan Airport. People, were already cheering at the airport as I was able to catch the closing minutes of the NBA Eastern finals between the Heat and Bulls. Disappointing was all I can say.

Diving for Change: Cebu locals seeking alms from travelers has somehow became part of the overall charm of the place

As I boarded my plane at 12:30, I was looking out the window the whole flight, looking at the islands of the Philippines, looking and seeing and realizing how truly beautiful this damn country is.

This may be Palawan, I don't know
Two islet having their own small cloud

Upon landing at the NAIA 3, again I took a cab straight to Pasay terminal and rode a bus bound for Dagupan. This time I fell asleep as exhaustion finally caught up to me and woke up by 6pm. Guess it was a great way to finish off the grueling day, I was rested and sitting in the comforts of the air-conditioned bus, glazing at the sunset as I traverse through the scenic  province of Tarlac. All it lacks was a cup of coffee just to make it perfect.

Ending the Day with Flare: The Sunset at Tarlac

Bohol to Cebu by sea, Cebu to Manila by air, then finally Manila to Pangasinan by land all in the span of approximately 12 hours, but no regrets nor complains here, I guess it really is the journey, and not the destination, that makes traveling more meaningful and worthwhile.