The Unboxing!  /wahaha
I finally got my dream camera two weeks ago, woooot! :D If you've noticed in my navbar above, there is a wish list for 2011, I got that idea to list down all my wishes for 2011, like things to buy, places to go, and things hoping to achieve this year, from reading Aileen Siroy's blog, and imagine that, it works, it really does.

For just in the month of January, I've already covered three including purchasing my D90. I'm also scheduled to scratch off 5 more without even pushing anything. It seems that everything is just falling into places one by one, as it was written by Aileen 'I believe in wish boards and dream notebooks. I believe that dreams and wishes come true when you write them down.And when written, the universe will conspire for you. Well, of course, you have to work hard for it, too.' :) Well I am working hard for it, I already got my D90 but still not yet fully paid, I'm still working hard for it :P

Self Portrait =D>
What got me so excited about my D90 is that I can finally use flash off camera, as it has the ability to trigger my YN-460II wirelessly. It also has a built-in motor so I can now use auto-focus on my 50mm 1.8f prime, which is the bomb btw! :D With the D90's numerous focus points, I also could now experiment with different angles without the need to shift to manual focus (My D40 is limited to just 3 focus points). Add the fact that the D90 also shoots Full HD video, (not sure about the quality though) this may be the only camera I'll ever need.. wooooottt.. :D or afford, same same :P

For now let's just leave it here. I'm still tinkering with the settings and so thrilled with the endless possibilities. Hope this monumental investment (for me) would at least get me on tract this year in what I want to achieve with my photography :)

Shot using my friend's D90: My first time to get a hold of one :)

Still my friend's camera :))

Accidental Photo Shoot After Office :D